Selections from The Downtown East Side and Slab City © Claire Martin

Claire Martin in BJP

Claire Martin interviewed in British Journal of Photography


Claire Martin is one of two winners of the 2010 Inge Morath Award. Her winning project will be presented in the October 2010 IM Magazine.

From the Interview:

BJP: Can you tell us about the project you submitted to the Inge Morath Award?
Claire Martin: I submitted images form both my Downtown East Side series and from my Slab City series because although they focus on different communities, they share common qualities. The Downtown East Side is located in Vancouver, Canada. The ten block radius is home to a host of social problems including extreme poverty, an AIDS rate estimated at over 30% and the leading cause of death is overdose. Slab City is a squatters community located in the Colorado Desert in California. Residents of this community live in some of the worst conditions in the USA with no access to electricity, sewage, water or waste disposal. Mental illness, addiction and poor coping strategies are the common factors that brought these people to their respective communities. So I am trying to create visual media and conversation on issues of mental health, addiction and poverty and their place in developed countries.